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Tallguide TG80
Ultra Low Loss Waveguide
Frequency 15 to 22 Ghz

Tallguide TG80 Replaces WR51 Waveguide
Tallguide TG80 vs. WR1 Transmission Loss.
Transition 181-0995-x WR51 to TG80
Tallguide Transition
Loss = 0.07 dB
L = 15.0 inches

-1 for WR51 Flat Cover flange.
-2 for Gasket Grooved Flange.

Mode Suppressor 181-0996
Tallguide Mode Suppressor
Loss = 0.12 dB
L = 19.0 inches
90-Degree Twist 181-0999
Tallguide Twist
Loss = 0.02 dB
L = 18.0 inches
90-Degree H-Plane Bend 181-0998
Tallguide H-plane Bend
Loss = 0.02 dB
L = 7.0 inches
Straight Section 181-0997-xxx
Tallguide Straight Section
Loss = Length Loss dB
+ 0.01 dB per flange

L = (For total loss, L is multiple section length. When ordering parts, xxx is each section length in units of inches. Max. section length is 144 inch.)

For other Tallguide frequency bands and component information, visit the Tallguide data sheets below.
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AFC manufactures, markets and sells worldwide satellite dish antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low loss waveguide transmission line Tallguide , and shelters. Our customers serve the satellite, broadcast, communications, radar, weather and cable industry, defense, government, and government agencies worldwide. AFC's quality control manufacturing standards are certified under ISO 9001 : 2015.

Additional Tallguide information is available in the Tallguide Data Sheet and applied to Satellite Communications in How to Combat Uplink Power Loss reprinted from Satellite Communications magazine January 1995. A complete AFC Internet WWW site index may be found in Antennas for Communications (AFC) Home Page Document Summary List.

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