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UOW Awards AFC Tallguide TG16
Ultra Low Transmission Loss
Waveguide Contract for Airborne
Cloud W-band Radar

University of Wyoming Raytheon King Air atmospheric research aircraft.
University of Wyoming Raytheon King Air
atmospheric research aircraft.
Ocala, Florida, November 12/Internet --- Antennas for Communications (AFC) announced today that it has completed its contract with University of Wyoming for the manufacture of W-band Tallguide TG16 ultra low transmission loss waveguide run for the airborne cloud radar. The Tallguide TG16 is used to connect the transmitter to the radar antenna.

The Wyoming Cloud Radar (WCR) is an observational system for the study of cloud structure and composition. It is intended for airborne use; principally on the Wyoming KingAir, but also on the NCAR C-130. Operating at 95 GHz (3 mm wavelength), the radar provides high-resolution measurements of reflectivity, velocity and polarization fields. Depending on the antenna configuration used, the scanned plane can be vertical or horizontal, and with two antennas, dual-Doppler analyses are possible. Coupled with the in situ observations of hydrometers and air motions from the same aircraft these data yield unique information for analyses of cloud and precipitation processes.

Radar transmit frequency is 94.92 GHz using an Extended Interaction Klystron Amplifier. Radar peak power is 1.6 kW with pulse length 100, 250, 500 ns. Pulse repetition frequency is 1000 Hz - 20 kHz.

Tallguide TG16 components.Tallguide TG16 assembled run within airborne 95 GHz cloud radar.
Tallguide TG16 components and assembled run within
University of Wyoming airborne 95 GHz cloud radar.

"In radar applications where low transmission loss improvements have major impact, Tallguide TG16 replaces WR10 with substantial power savings " said Dr. Ronald S. Posner, AFC's CEO. "For the University of Wyoming preliminary airborne cloud research radar, more than 1.2 dB double-path signal power was recovered by substituting Tallguide TG16 for 16.8-in (426.7mm) WR10. In January 2002, a follow-on Tallguide TG16 order added H-plane bends and straight sections increasing the length to 51.6-in (1,311mm). For this increased path length, 5.2 dB double-path power was recovered with Tallguide TG16 compared to WR10 waveguide. "Tallguide leads to significant radar performance enhancements."

Antennas for Communications manufactures satellite and terrestrial antennas, radomes, microwave and waveguide components and Tallguide , an ultra low transmission loss waveguide. The company serves the satellite, broadcast, communications, cable, radar, weather and government industry worldwide.

/Contact. Dr. Ron S. Posner of Antennas for Communications, (352) 687-4121.

Dr. Samuel Haimov, Atmospheric Science Department, University of Wyoming, (307) 766-2726

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